CNC Workshop started production

CNC unit started production in October 2016 a rental place at EFZ .

Tarih : 05-10-2016

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İDDMİB - Success arising at the first 6 months after start

Alugen Aluminium Industry has achieved the success of being among the first 1000 exporters of Turkey at year 2012 with a 6 month production & turnover after starting extrusion at the second half of 2012 !

Tarih : 19-05-2013

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Quality System Certifications are completed

We have achieved our certificates on December 2012.

Tarih : 13-01-2013

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Mechanical Processing Workshop started production

Started up production in June 2011 in a rental place at EFZ .

Tarih : 02-06-2011

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